In December, I was working a workbook from astrologer Larry Arrington about a 200 year cycle of Jupiter and Saturn earth conjunctions moving into a new cycle of air. Now, our distanced time of airborne transmission certainly feels in line with this shift to air, to ideas, to loving each other through the logic of […]


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Letter to a friend on RoomLoom

RoomLoomLast weekend I had held the first room loom event with a prototype installation made by myself and Lance Pruitt. A lovely, curious, and thoughtful group of friends and friends of friends came to try it out. In preparation for it, and for the final intermedia performance in January, I wrote this to organize some […]

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Field Review

Having had a concept of my MFA project since the first semester of the program and experimented with it some this past school year, I entered the summer feeling a need for space from it. A breath, to return to it with who I have become as well as who of myself I might rediscover coming […]

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Come on come on….

Come on come on come on come on now touch me baby, is a site adaptive movement experiment that includes interactive sound elements generated with a Kinect and Isadora programming. Directed by me, in collaboration with performers Lauren Garrett, Brianna Johnson, Emily Kilroy, Katherine Moore and Laura Rodríguez. Through intimate and rascally state based improvisation and […]

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Max MSP Jitter

Here are some shots of projects I’ve been working on using Max MSP Jitter in Matt Lewis’ Performance Installation Technology this semester. 3d animation!  interactive sound and video! let it run! mixing video (spaghetti patch)    

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As part of developing my MFA thesis project investigating borders and barriers of the body and external structures, I recently attended Performática, in Puebla, Mexico. Described as “a festival, a conference, a workshop, a community builder, an exchange project, and a creative vision”, Performática focuses on research through movement arts, bringing “together an international cadre […]

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Patterns and effort

footage from Barnett Theater Winter Concert 2018 in which I got to perform a duet with Brianna Johnson, choreographed by Katherine Moore, called Two. In which I got to where sparkly pants and get in Brianna’s way a lot.

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Humane Tech Talk

from December 2017 Have started meeting with L and N almost weekly to check in about ideas towards work and creativity and humane tech. Like choreography, it seems that we can find a technology to most interests, and it is delightful to spend time in idea space with them. Two weeks ago, the idea space […]

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