Max MSP Jitter

Here are some shots of projects I’ve been working on using Max MSP Jitter in Matt Lewis’ Performance Installation Technology this semester. 3d animation!  interactive sound and video! let it run! mixing video (spaghetti patch)    

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Fort Making

Last Monday I had the brilliant container of a Sandbox in Multidisciplinary Arts class.  Each of us have had the opportunity to bring a creative knot or question to the group through participatory activities, conversations and workshopping as an open ended entry way into our individual projects.  Throughout the semester I have been considering possibilities […]

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“There’s the shame of looking

And the shame of being looked at;

The shame of feeling pride

And the shame of feeling shame.

Poor dance.

Poor dance that would call itself art.”

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Duet/Do it

words/excerpts pulled from rehearsal notes with katherine. now we are making a dance?! Katherine and I had our third rehearsal imagines there’s something interested and choosing The contact was to move between our body sequentially mutual // 3 lists  neck to Katherine’s elbow/Claire and backs connect/Claire’s elbow  ankle/connect (c to K) head to Katherine’s thigh/neck to neck/Katherine’sClaire’s/knee […]

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