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Improvisation with Bebe

My first semester of graduate school was Bebe Miller’s last semester on faculty in the Dance Department at Ohio State. I swam in her soup for the semester, sometimes reluctant, resistant and often fearful. She would call us into circles before and after improvisational scores and talk about tone and texture and willfulness.  All of this resonates … Continue reading

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Duet/Do it

words/excerpts pulled from rehearsal notes with katherine. now we are making a dance?! Katherine and I had our third rehearsal imagines there’s something interested and choosing The contact was to move between our body sequentially mutual // 3 lists  neck to Katherine’s elbow/Claire and backs connect/Claire’s elbow  ankle/connect (c to K) head to Katherine’s thigh/neck to neck/Katherine’sClaire’s/knee … Continue reading

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Every few hours, or minutes, depending, I am reminded that for all the experiences I come into this program with, in so many ways I am a novice.
I have to remind myself that it is the best way that I can be right now, surrounded by people who have thought things I’ve never thought, accomplished things I’ve never even tried, and developed strategies for navigating a world I’m just now entering. It means that I have places to go and things to do that I haven’t realized exist… Continue reading