collaboration / dance making

Duet/Do it

words/excerpts pulled from rehearsal notes with katherine. now we are making a dance?! Katherine and I had our third rehearsal imagines there’s something interested and choosing The contact was to move between our body sequentially mutual // 3 lists  neck to Katherine’s elbow/Claire and backs connect/Claire’s elbow  ankle/connect (c to K) head to Katherine’s thigh/neck to neck/Katherine’sClaire’s/knee … Continue reading

dance mfa / graduate school


Every few hours, or minutes, depending, I am reminded that for all the experiences I come into this program with, in so many ways I am a novice.
I have to remind myself that it is the best way that I can be right now, surrounded by people who have thought things I’ve never thought, accomplished things I’ve never even tried, and developed strategies for navigating a world I’m just now entering. It means that I have places to go and things to do that I haven’t realized exist… Continue reading