Letter to a friend on RoomLoom

RoomLoomLast weekend I had held the first room loom event with a prototype installation made by myself and Lance Pruitt. A lovely, curious, and thoughtful group of friends and friends of friends came to try it out. In preparation for it, and for the final intermedia performance in January, I wrote this to organize some […]

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Come on come on….

Come on come on come on come on now touch me baby, is a site adaptive movement experiment that includes interactive sound elements generated with a Kinect and Isadora programming. Directed by me, in collaboration with performers Lauren Garrett, Brianna Johnson, Emily Kilroy, Katherine Moore and Laura Rodríguez. Through intimate and rascally state based improvisation and […]

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As part of developing my MFA thesis project investigating borders and barriers of the body and external structures, I recently attended Performática, in Puebla, Mexico. Described as “a festival, a conference, a workshop, a community builder, an exchange project, and a creative vision”, Performática focuses on research through movement arts, bringing “together an international cadre […]

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Patterns and effort

footage from Barnett Theater Winter Concert 2018 in which I got to perform a duet with Brianna Johnson, choreographed by Katherine Moore, called Two. In which I got to where sparkly pants and get in Brianna’s way a lot.

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“There’s the shame of looking

And the shame of being looked at;

The shame of feeling pride

And the shame of feeling shame.

Poor dance.

Poor dance that would call itself art.”

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