Come on come on….

Come on come on come on come on now touch me baby, is a site adaptive movement experiment that includes interactive sound elements generated with a Kinect and Isadora programming. Directed by me, in collaboration with performers Lauren Garrett, Brianna Johnson, Emily Kilroy, Katherine Moore and Laura Rodríguez. Through intimate and rascally state based improvisation and […]

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As part of developing my MFA thesis project investigating borders and barriers of the body and external structures, I recently attended Performática, in Puebla, Mexico. Described as “a festival, a conference, a workshop, a community builder, an exchange project, and a creative vision”, Performática focuses on research through movement arts, bringing “together an international cadre […]

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birthday, on projects

October 5 2017 There has been no body except my rubber rain coat hood taking the sound around my throats into ear. Electronic analogous colours and nicholas I bleed for language sometimes for the letters sitting almost evenly Little legs and boat curves sitting Rest on floated ground I forgive you the recording Repeats restlessly […]

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Spring Concert

First of all this school concert format. Spring Concert includes a lighting rehearsal, tech rehearsal, dress rehearsal and 4 formal performances. There is something both brief and extensive about this, maybe because it is all done in one week, and because each piece is 5-8 minutes long, I feel the brevity and my little pieces, […]

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Improvisation with Bebe

My first semester of graduate school was Bebe Miller’s last semester on faculty in the Dance Department at Ohio State. I swam in her soup for the semester, sometimes reluctant, resistant and often fearful. She would call us into circles before and after improvisational scores and talk about tone and texture and willfulness.  All of this resonates […]

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