dance making / intermedia


To culminate the first semester of graduate school in the Dance Studies department at OSU, we designed possible research proposals. These are excerpts and some brainstorming photos from mine.

“dance fortress”

an interstitial home for the unknown or less seen or too seen parts of ourselves

As far as I know, everybody wants to dance sometimes, even if they reserve the pleasure for the privacy of their bedrooms. Dance is an intimate act inextricable from our own bodies. It’s as close as we can get to ourselves, so it follows a line of the thought that we’d dance in private. Intimate acts are to be done in private. There is SO much we reserve for private space!


The impulse to make “dance fortress” comes from wanting a physically realized space that is sacred and mundane, safe and intimate, but public.
I am influenced by really simple things, like building forts as a child and making a refrigerator box into a clubhouse and wishing I had a tree house and camping: the intimacy and wonder that came with the ritual of being inside—the ontology of inside beyond its oppositional relationship to outside.

Using forts as choreographic objects, I hope to channel a desire to dance in intimate, public space, inside quick assembly structures that use environmental media systems and a unique physical design.bf_exterior_1.jpg

I plan to experiment with materials that respond to environmental needs dependent on location, including the basic sheet and clothespin living room design, as well as more experimental materials suitable for studio space and more durable ones for outdoor shelters.b63aa6e13e9446bd3bc5b645b44015dd.jpg

The design will also include an environmental media system (EMS) that responds to movement and sound with video and sound textures.

With aesthetic influences from sacred structures and secret hideouts (in themselves a sort of sacred structure),both the physical and digital elements will establish the space as an interstitial home for the unknown or less seen or too seen parts of ourselves.

This will be the traveling “dance fortress”, a live physical container for the dances made by participants in collaboration with the space and each other.


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