collaboration / dance making

Duet/Do it

words/excerpts pulled from rehearsal notes with katherine. now we are making a dance?!

Katherine and I had our third rehearsal

imagines there’s something interested and choosing

The contact was to move between our body sequentially mutual // 3 lists 

neck to Katherine’s elbow/Claire and backs connect/Claire’s elbow  ankle/connect (c to K) head to Katherine’s thigh/neck to neck/Katherine’sClaire’s/knee knee/knee/Katherine’sjaw/ Katherine’s ear to Claire’s belly/shoulder/hand arm/arm arm/hand Rib/jaw  hip

Making notice involved one person coming to land or at the other person’s.

a walking pattern an xy type grid, right angle turns, and corresponding with our negative space partners

what the timing might be

another list of body parts

generated center in a back and forth, remembering style and then finally coming together. It lost track of Katherine and my own trying to figure out what was next.

we asked that people wished they saw, and while folks had patterns/they mostly desire more clear relationship.  

“back, ankle, neck, knee, shoulder, elbows”

deciding when to call out wasn’t alternation, it worked in the/who thought/sense of the body first or what was to be done.  

voice or movement … order a little in recall/ a consensus. using the different interpretations of the satisfying body novel.

scattered/without my kind of constant running

We moved last week to match the sequence and appreciate a pattern

(i think me) moving more close (not me?) /

 gradually grabbing onto each delineated two parts/ it was easy to anticipate where she might go

so we /were able/informed by/more dynamic /play

pushing our proximity a bit closer.  

So we tried being really close/ /my pattern interrupted, my edges shifted.

our efforts /Katherine suggested /abstracted/ from our alternate individual/ with shared parts gives us a spine of /otherwise

After parceling out the phrases (referential to our approach

 center stage, conversational listing 

Head, thigh, jaw, belly ear?  The funny thing with that is that

/save for the jaw/

thigh would ultimately be hip / belly could be spine

I imagine skillful efforts /as the locus/ but not with/ jerk / joint articulation. 🙂

that /it falls apart/ Or/ builds/ builds/ builds. Maybe there’s something to /push our focus

/anchors and distortion


3 thoughts on “Duet/Do it

  1. Super satisfying to read, felt movement even in here in my stale school office! Here is to movement, thru time and force so I can feel something beyond my paper stack. xo Cynthia


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